donderdag 31 maart 2011

Draw of the lottery

As promised, today is the draw of my crochetet blanket.
I asked my doll I have since my youth I (seventies) for assistance and she found it agreat honor to be here to participate to help.
She is bigger than 1:12 but samaller than Barbie(1:6), she is the same hight as Daisy..a doll I have also...well enough about her lets  come to business.
First i wrote all your names on a paper and cut it into small strips.

 Then i folded them and put them in a bowl and shaked them real good.

 Now my doll (i don't remember her real name so lets call her Donna) has chosen one paper.
 Donna, are you sure?
Yes i am sure she told me.
 And the winner is......
Congrets Rosella your the winner.
Please e-mail me your adres, so i can send the blanket to your place.

All of you thanks for participating in my second Give-Away and thanks for all your nice compliments.

zaterdag 19 maart 2011


I am having a Give-Away!
I crocheted a little plaid and it can be yours.(if you like it ofcourse)
You just have to comment on this post and you are in the draw.
If you want you can post a link on your side bar or write a post about my Give-Away .
You have to be a follower aready or become one.
You can enter till 31-03-2011.

 It is just to celebrate my 208 followers right now, it was planned for 200 followers, but it took me a little longer to make than i thought.
I am so happy that there are so many lovely and creative people out there.
When i first started blogging i could never imagine there are so many people all over the world sharing the same hobby and/or are interested in what i make.
I love to read your blogs too!
I am amazed that almost weekly i find more nice blogs, i always looking at new followers blogs too and   love to see how many nice project and idea's you have. You inspire me so much!
Thanks for your inspiration and kind words and thanks for following me.

You can hang it over the sofa, for those cold evenings.

Use it as an extra blanket on the childrens bed (it is not long enough to cover the whole bed)

Hang it over a chair.

You can even use it as an tabl cloth.
As you can see it is very decorative, i hope you like it as much as i do.
I made it out of 100% cotton sewing thread.


zaterdag 12 maart 2011

I spoiled myself today!

Today i went to a miniature fair in Rijswijk and i bought very nice things, you can say i spoiled myself.
A lot of nice goodies.
A modern step, a ladder, a metal rack,  some flowerpots and in front a cookie tin to decorate and some tray's.
Two more flowerpots, a side table, a mirrorcabinet, some toys and two plastic storage bins.
A fireplace with light in it and a little house.
A book by Angie Scarr about making miniature food wuth a dvd, a writing desk and another book with an angel on the cover to decorate the insite (a box )
A modern chair.
A drainer with dishes and the gold thing in the back is a empty pocket watch to decorate.
The little toys again, a piggy an tiny teddy.
Two bottles of wine in a winestand, two buckets an two bunnies.
A garden water-thing...i don't know how you call it and a tub, both for in the flowershop.
A whole bunch of leaves.
You see i really spoiled myself.
I did have a lovely day with lots of inspiration at the fair.
For some unknown reason they removed the playground at the hal in Rijswijk, so my son was very dissapointed at first, but there was also a stone and miniral market at the same place and he liked that a lot.
He bought some shark teeth and a couple of stones.

Thanks for all your congretulations on my 200 followers post.
I appriciate it a lot, i am so very happy to get to know so many nice people true this international medium. I am working on a give-away and its almost ready.
Have a nice weekend .

With love