vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Do you want to see my Banana's?

Did you know they make underwear from banana's?
Look here if you want more information.

But now seriously here are my banana's

I think they turned out very good.
and i don't want to brag about myself but i am proud hihi.

Nice long weekend to all of you.

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Fluffy travels to Me!!!!!

I am so happy!!!!!
I won the contest at www.mini-fluffies.com 
Fluffy is now traveling to my place.
Isn't she adorable!
If you want to buy a lovely hand made mouse please go over to there side, they are so lovely and handmade by mother and daughter.
They blog about miniatures too.
Follow there links, they have really nice blogs
Mother: Nancy 
http://the-mice-manor.blogspot.com/ (blog about miniature mice)
Daughter: Vall

Have a nice week sweeties!

maandag 14 mei 2012

Mothersday and banana box printie

Look, this is what  i bought for my mum on mothersday and she loved it.

My son(11) gave me the book Sisters from Daniel Steel, i like it, i have two sisters and he choose the book all by himself. 
Hope your mothers day was nice too.

Then about the Banana boxes.
Anita (who has a lovely blog about miniatures herself, klik on her name and you will see) gave me the link to  banana boxes here.
The prints are from the lovely blog http://mars-smallworld.blogspot.com/ .
Thank you Anita for the link and thank you Mar for posting the printies.