zaterdag 30 april 2011

Queensday Purchases

Today was Queensday in Holland.
In Holland we celebrate this with lots of party's and music everywhere but also fleamarkets in a lot of streets. Everybody is alowed to sell there stuff on the streets today.
We went this year not to sell but to buy.

This is what i bought today.
 A whole box of buttons.
 A lot of nice miniatures.
A shadowbox, i will make something else in.
 A small tin in the form of a house.
 The inside is also nice.
(I collect these tins)
 The left.
 The right.
 And now a closer look to the miniatures i showed you in the picture before.

I am so happy!
I bought also these books, the first is a scary cook book for my son.
The second is a book about making memory boxes and the third is a book about drawing and painting.
I also bought a old brown suitcase but the picture was to bad.
I did not spend much on these lovely items and we had lots of fun today.
It was a busy week for me.
I redecorated my sons room.
It was the first time fot me to wallpaper in full size.
I also put together the new bed and bureau of my son.
Still have to put together his new wardrobe.
He is almost 10.
His birthday is monday and i gave him a new room and he is so happy he have a teenage room now.
I hope he keeps it need and tidy now.
If you want to see it look at my other site here.

Nice weekend!!