zondag 27 februari 2011

Boy with skatedoard.

 Look at this funny little boy playing with his skateboard.
 He is made by my mother specially for me.
She made him out of Fimo and dressed him in jeans and knitted a sweater for him.
He is wearing leather sandals.
The only thing she bought (in the toyshop) is his skateboard.

My mum likes too make dolls very much.
I think she makes a doll a day.
I infected her with the Dollshouse/Miniatures Virus a couple of years ago.
She is retired and has a lot of time to make mini's (a lot more time than me).
She has a canalhouse, cafe with upstairs living, a little candyshop, a wool and sewing shop in a sewingmachine- case, a serre, a whole fancy-fair,a leathershop with lots of bags in it in a leather bag, a clockshop in a clockcase and many more...
I remember when she started..
She wanted to buy a big dollshouse to fill (her canalhouse) .
She told me:" I want a big house so i only have one house and stick with one house or project."
I said to her... "No mum, we shall see, if this house is full you are hoked and you sure want more.
She didn't believe me at that time, but i was right, see now is totally hooked on making miniatures."
She specially likes too knit and make dolls.
Ones a week she comes too my house in the evening and we are making a project together or just chat about our mini-ideas.
I feel so lucky that we now share the same hobby and i am very glad i infected her.

 He seems to have a lot of fun with his skateboard.
Thank you mum.
I like him very much!
I love you.

donderdag 24 februari 2011

Look what arived today!!!!

 A package all the way from Finland, wrapped in nice pink paper.
 Inside i found this cute card.
 from  Piikko
When i opened the package, i found 5 smaller packages and a lot of chocolates.
 Ofcourse i first tryed a chocolate before i opened the little presents.
Mmmmm nice filling.
 Look how beautiful!! all handmade by Piikko and i am the lucky winner.
Piikoo 1000 times thank!
Mr. Bloem is now the new owner of these beautiful items, i am sure he will find a nice place for them.
Mr. Bloem says: THANK YOU and greetings too Piikko, Rauha & Ilona.

maandag 14 februari 2011

I am the lucky winner!

I won the beautiful Give-away from Piikon at Sopokatu from Finland .
I am so very happy.
It's the first time i won a Give-away and that on Valentines Day.
I feel Very Loved and Lucky.
Take a look at her blog, she makes beautiful miniatures.

Thank you!!

Happy Valentine's day

And also to you my friends.

vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Unfinished projects part2

 Today i show you the upatairs of the little grey house.
 On the right site is a bedroom.
Still have to fix the lampshade to it's base.
The base is standing on the drawer.
That tray on the bed needs a nice breakfast.
 The sink needs plumbing.
The mirrorcabinet is a pilbox.
 I have to finish all the windows icluding this one and maybe a curtan would be nice.
(you never know who is watching)
The towels are still on the floor, they need a towelrack.
The buity-case i made from real leather.
 The insite is already full.
 The room on the left, still have bare floors.
and bare everything, exept the walls.

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Unfinished projects part1

I am working on the big dollshouse as you maybe already know, but i have also a couple  of unfinished projects and this little house is one of them.
See, the roof is not finnished and i am not to sure about the deco, i think it needs a bit of wear.
I want to make a base for the house and maybe lift it up a bit, so i can make a little two step stairs in front of the porche.
I also want to make a garden around it and lots of climbing plants.

 These flowers a made from silk.
 The entrance need a housenumber, and maybe i'll sand the shutters a bit, they look to clean.
A peek into the livingroom.
 The coutch i made myself and the cussions i ebroiderd, still need to make a little bird on the cage.
The piedestal is a repainted plastic cake decoration.
 The frame i made from plaster, my mum has a mold.
 You see, still needs a lot of work, on the left downstairs, i wanna make the kichen.
 Hey, naugty puppy!! Stay of the table.
 The other puppy is sleeping.
The other side of the room, a vintage clock.
In the corner a chest with drawers(painted plastic) and the television and radio with shelves above.....still need to fill them.
Above the intrance to the kitchen i did some glaspainting.
 In the kitchen is the mother of the puppies with one of her puppies in a basket i made.
Oke thats all for now, tomorrow i show you upstairs.
Hope you liked watching.