maandag 25 juni 2012

A hug for your comments (award)

Drora from the lovely blog http://drorasminimundo.blogspot.nl/ gave me this award,
Thanks Drora, i am honored.
Now the hard task for me to pass this award to 15 other blogfriends.
There are so many sweet blogfriend who need a hug for their nice comments on my blog so this was a very difficult for me. First i made a list and then i found out that i had 50% the same as Drora's list and i wanted to nominate people who haven't got the award yet.

Finally here is my list:

Maria Ireland-http://prettythingsireland.blogspot.nl/

and if you are not on this list i give you a hug too!!
Thanks for all your sweet comments, i really apriciate them.

donderdag 14 juni 2012

Garlic, Grapes and Watermelons

We made some garlic.
 Together more then 100 cloves.
We made some extra for our dollshouses.
Here is how it is on a string hanging on our carts
 The grapes we made last week together.
I made some watermelons too for my mum and me.
 Our fruitcarts are almost finnished.
 I still want to make patatoes, i have a little spot for that left and ofcourse a lady who sells the fruit.
Next week we are going to make paper bags together.
And i want to paint my scale, my mother love the original color so she glued it already to the cart. 
My mum was not happy with the color of her pears, so she painted them.
Oh how i love these evenings with my mum and i am so happy we have the same hobby.

Talking about people with the same hobby, this blog has now 400 followers!!! so there will be a little Give-Away to celebrate soon.
Thank you all for following me and all the nice comments you leave on my blog, i really appriciate it and i love to read them.

With 400 followers you must understand that i don't read your blogs everyday but i love to visit your blogs once in a while....you all have so much talent, everybody in there own style.
That is what i like so much about it.
There are a lot of followers who i like to visit back, but there blog is not showing in there profile...please cheque if yours is showing.

Now i have to think what i shall  clay, crochet, embroider, glue or saw for you.
If you have sugestions for my Give-Away please let me know, don't be shy.


zaterdag 2 juni 2012

I am in love

 Look what arived yesterday by mail!
 Fluffy, the mouse who loves ballet.
 Isn't she gorgious?
She is even more gorgious in real live!!!
Look at her furr and her sweet ears.
That smile and eyes and shiny nose and whiskers.
She is wearing a tutu, a tiara ,a bracelet and a necklace with a heart.
I think i am in love....with a mouse named Fluffy.

I am so happy i won her at www.mini-fluffies.com.
Thanks again Nancy and Vall you are both great artists, unbelievable how you can make such a beautiful mouse.

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

More fruit and veggies and mum in DHN again.

 We made some oranges.

 My mum made some(a lot!!) banana's too.
 Left is my cart and right my mums cart.
 She made a little crate filled with green beans too.
My mum is published again!!!
Her tutorial for knitting this child clothes and the little doll are in the June issue of Dolls House Nederland.
The gorgious doll is made by Agelique from Angel Little One's, klick on the link and you go to her blogspot. She made the most beautiful porcelein dolls.

Have a nice day.