donderdag 27 september 2012

Sorry and embroidery

Sorry  for not posting here for more then 3 months.
Sometimes real life is busy and there is hardly time for making mini's.
In the summer i was a lot outside in the sun, with a piece of needlework or crochet work in miniature but also big. We also made a lot of trips.
I finaly finished these two embroidery pieces for my mum.
They are a lot bigger on the photo the in real.
The left one is only 2,5 cm tall.
On these big photo's it looks like the frames are not connected in the corners but in real you don't see that.
I finally finished the rooftiles on my big dollshouse too.
I am now finally working on the give-away i promised earlier.
I welcome all the new followers and a big hug to all my blogfriend, i did not forget you....