donderdag 24 november 2011

Day 12 of the hobby corners and a Give-Away

Day 12 of the corners, well we just made some beaded necklaces!
 It was fun to do!

 I turned a plastic thing in a plastic back for some of the wool,
Don't look at the mess under the sewing-machine!
 I hung some paper with holes in it over the desk, now i need some tools the hang up.
 and last but not least i finnished my Give -Away for my blog friends!
Because i have over 300 followers now.
I wanted to celebrate a little.
 Do you like it!
You can win it!
These are the rules:
-Post a comment under this post.
-put a link on your blog(on your side-bar or by posting about it)
-You have to be a follower or become one.
That's all!

You can enter till  10 December 24.00 our.
I will make the draw on the 11th.
Good Luck to you all!
Sorry there can only be one winner.  
The teddiebear can also sit.

Happy Thanksgiving for the ones who celebrate .

vrijdag 18 november 2011

Day 11 of the corners?

No, not really.
My mother is not feeling well, she has the flu.
I worked a little on my corner, i played a little with fimo.
 I made some roses and stick them to these plastic plants.
That is an easier way to make climbing roses than the method with silk.

 I also made the lids of the jars (from a Bic pen) and filled them with beads.
 More jars with lids from fimo.
I hope my mother is feeling better soon.
Beterschap mam.

I see i have almost reached the 300 followers, welcome new ones.
I better start  working on a Give-Away now...so stay tuned. I let you know what it is when i reached the magic 300.

vrijdag 11 november 2011

Day 10 of the hobby-corners

No, we're not done.
There is still some thing to make for our hobby-corners.
This is what we made on our mother daughter evening:
Can you see what i added?
Yes, little spools of sewing thread!
 Here are more of them, i see now that they are not standing straight.
I also made tree "glass" potts from a piece of a pen, still have to make the lids from fimo-clay and fill them with beads.
 I also crochet a little bag for some wool.
 I am not so happy with it, the holes are to big.
 My mother made this plant.
 and these two,
and this Hedera.
 I also put a Hedera against the wall.
And a pot with some stakes, still have to make a rose to go in there.
The pots are lids saw in half.
Next week we are going to make desk lamps, i make roses and the lids of the potts and maybe more fimo things.
I also want to make a rug, so not finished at all!!
Some of you were already sad the project was finished, but we still have to add more bits and bobs.
So stay tuned.

I am already starting to paint the little shop i bought at the Arnhem Fair.
This is going to be a baby-shop.

This is just to show you what i am doing, first layer of paint is on.
I want to ad more color.
Oooh yes i know i am strange, i start so many projects at the same time.
I am also still working on my big dollshouse.
But hey i like it!
Have a nice weekend.

zaterdag 5 november 2011

Day 9 of the hobby corners

 Another evening with my mother working on our little hobby-corners.
Let me show you what we made:
 I made a little sewing-box, with all kinds of stuf in it.
 We both glued some handels on our drawers.
 I started te glue some straws together, still need some paint on it to look like a pen-holders.
 We both made some more balls of wool, this time with alarger piece of straw.
 You see? a bit larger than we made before.
 My mother painted a wooden thing and put some pieces of lace in it.
 She made a stool (earlier this week) for her sewing table.
 She filled a bead with pencils.
 I made a bulletin board (earlier this week), needs some more stuff on it.
 My mother wrapped up some wool in plastic.
 She made a gorgious basket (earlier this week)and filled it with wool.
 This is how her corner looks now, almost finnished.
 This is how my corner looks now, i want to make a rug too and have a lot of empty space on the shelfs to fill.
and i have too make another basket for the wool.

Last weekend i was at the dollshouse fair in Arnhem and met some of my blogfriend, so lovely to see them in person.
I took my camera with me, but stupid me, i forgot to take pictures.
I bought two lovely little shops.
One is going to be a baby-shop and the other one i am not sure yet.
I am already started to paint the outside....oh i have to make some pictures to show you about the progress.
Nice weekend you all!