donderdag 26 januari 2012

My mother's work published again!

 In the dutch" Dollhouse  Nederland", magazine with her tutorial of making this sweater.
I think my mother is going to be very famouse.
My mother made the sweater, cap and jeans.
The lovely porcelein doll is made by Angelique, she sells them at fairs and she has a website:          
She also has a very nice blog here, please take a look, you won't be dissapointed.

My mother really liked the nice comments on her needlework shop and want to thank all of you all, give you all the greetings and kisses back.
She wants to do something for you all and she is making a swaeter for a Give-Away.
When it is finneshed she will anounce it on my blog, and we have a little Give-Away party...so not yet.

Hope you all have a nice day.

zondag 22 januari 2012

Het Gouden Schaartje (The Golden Scissor)

 I promised to show more mini's of my mum on this blog, so here is her sewingshop called "Het Gouden Schaartje".
She made this shop in a antiek case that normally holds a sewingmachine.
This is one of my favorite projects of her.
The photo's don't do justice.
It is way more nicer in real life.

That's all for now...more to come later.

maandag 2 januari 2012

What am i going to do in 2012?

First of all i wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2012 with lots of fun and mini making.
I wish all your dreams come true.
I thank you all for your sweet comments and support and woderfull gifts and all the eye-candy and tutorials on your blogs. 
Do you have any Newyear's resolutions?
I do.
I am going to loose weight, i wanna loose 20 kilo.
I am not going to do some kind of "super" diet, i am going to skip snacking during the week and eat healthier and drink more water.
I also going to move more.....i will swim ones a week and will follow Zumba lessons on my WI almost every day.
I also finely going to finish what i started.
I have a lot of W.I.P (work in progres) projects wich i finely going to finish in this year.

Here are some:
This little house is screaming to be finished, it needs the rest of the kitchen and the room upstairs on the left.
 I am not happy with the outside, it is way to shiny, so i will fix that and there is no toilet in this house, i am going to make a outside toilet.
I want to rise the whole house and make a little stairs in front and a garden around it.
There are still rooftiles to make and attach.
 Another project: Beauty Angels
A beauty salon etalage in a roombox, needs more stuff in it.
 This wicker basket has to be filled with old toys and memories for in my big dollshouse.
 The hobbyroom corner does still have empty spaces.
 and i have to make a rug for it.
My big dollhouse....it dont have to be finnished on the inside this year, but the outside must be finnished.
I am now working on the roof.
 My needelwork:
I am making a rug for the diningroom of the big dollshouse, i started more then a year ago!
This year it have to be finnished.
 I also started a 1:144 project what needs more furniture and details.

 I have to make more clothes for my Country and Western store.
 The letters are falling of, they are some kind of stickers and i am not happy with the name.
Any suggestions?
 My latest addition, the babyshop....lots of things to do and stuff to make.
You see..I have lots to do.
I also starting  with my mother on our hobby evenings again, ones a week.
Because my mothers hobbycorner is ready we are starting on another project, i don't know what it will be yet but i will anounce it as soon as we know.

What are your resolutions for 2012?
I would love to know.