woensdag 31 maart 2010

Some more pictures of my mum's canal-house

The bathroom.
Yes also the man in the house have to shower, he is a rubber doll my mother bought but his ... is made of fimo.
I made it for her and we have a laugh about it.
He even has real hair.
The bath is made of a package and painted white.

Two is sometimes better then one.
This carpet i made for her in petit point,with matching pillow.
All in the color of the babyroom she made.

The baby in the crib, in a suit my mother knitted.
This boy is playing with his trains.
He is from porcelain and also with clothes my mother made.

The girl also dressed by mum is also from porcelain.

The girl behind the sewing machine is also porcelain and dressed by mummy.
Look at the light in the sewing machine, isn't it lovely!
The top of the house is rented by students.
Here is the real dusty livingroom of the student.
She is so lazy laying on the coutch the whole day.
Well that was the rest of my mothers first house.
She has a lot of shops and other small projects and even a fancy fair.
I will post more pictures of her projects in the future.
For now....thanks for watching and too mum i wan't too say:
I am very proud of you!!

zondag 21 maart 2010

living room of my mothers canalhouse

This it the first doll she dressed, it's a porselin doll she bought at a dollshouse fair.
She is the grandma.
Grandpa is reading the latest news and smoking a big sigar.
He is dressed in a spencer my mother knit.
Beer and snacks (made by me) waiting for him to enjoy.
The televion is actually a sigaret lighter.
An overall few of the whole room.
Look at the cristal light my mum made.

A closer look at the snacks, i made from fimo.
The plate is a glass button.

zaterdag 20 maart 2010

miniatures of my mother

Today i wanna show you some of the miniutures of my mum.I infected my mum with the dollshouse-virus.

This is her first house,a canal house typical for Amsterdam.

When she bought the house, she told me:
I buy a larg house, so i am busy with it a lot of years.
And i only buy one house.
I told her that i don't believe her.
Well.......she was finished with this house in a couple of months and a she made a lot of projects after that.

The flower delivery-man with his groovy sunglasses.

Dawnstairs in front of the house there is "Blonde Dolly" and a Bikerman and a lady with her dog.

The antiek shop in the souterain.
The boss is counting his money.

A toilet between the antiek shop and bakery.

Two lady's having a cup of coffee in the bakery.
The cakes in the window of the bakery.

Tomorrow i show you the first floor.

zondag 14 maart 2010


These are a few of my book about Dolls Houses and Miniatures.

Have a nice Sunday evening everyone.

maandag 8 maart 2010

Intrance of the flowershop and lamps

This is the intrance of the flowershop,still without the plants and flowers.

This are lamps too be.
Look at your parfum bottles, the tops make great lampshades.