zondag 30 januari 2011

Give -Away

Today, i found another blogger (new for me) who is having a beautifull give away.
A parrot, she made herself.
Very very beautifull, take a look at her blog it is so nice!
You can participate till 28 February at
Good luck!

I see that i have 180 followers now.
When i started blogging i did not now there where so many miniaturists all over the world.
I Like it so much,
When i see i have a new follower i always going to look at there blogs and love to see all those gorgious miniatures all of you make.
I am planning to organize a give-away when i have 200 followers.
So stay allert.

vrijdag 28 januari 2011

I found a nice blog today and she has a give -away, a beautifull chair she made herself.
A very talented lady called Katy and her blog is: A Casinha de Kathy
I would love to win this chair! Love the style and color.

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Update about Christmas Swap

First i wanna wish all you lovely creative and friendly readers a Happy and Healthy New Year.
I know i am very late with that but that's because i was not blogging for a while.
So i also have some catching up to do.
I was participating at the Christmas Swap hosted by Catarina.
My Swap partner was Lisette and this is what she made for me:

 She made some lovely mini's and as a bonus she gave me this Lucky Santa.
Let me translate what's on the card:
The bonequinas are made in Braziel.
If you wear one on your haert it gave you health.
With a bonequina in your wallet you spend less money.
In the car he offers protection.
And.....if you have a bonequina in your pocket, you receive lots of passion.

Mmmmm, now i don't know where i want to put him.
So he is protecting my dollshouse at the moment.
 She made this lovely autumn wreath
 and very beautifull wooden toys .
The doll really has movable arms and legs!
I am so lucky to have her as a swappartner, she really spoild me.
 Here my little girl is holding the tiny snowman.
 and my other girl is playing with the pig on wheels.
I made some mini's for Rosamarie 
and she was happy with them,she wrote about them  on her blog.
Check out her lovely blogpage.
She makes real nice mini's too and she has also some nice crosstich charts for miniature embroidery.

So now your up to date.
I did not make any mini's yet in this year..
As soon as i make something new, i will post it.