donderdag 30 juni 2011

Day 2 of the corners

First thing we did today was sanding all the wood and file the ends of the floor for a neat finnish.
 Then we stained the floors and also give the edges a second layer of stain.

 The ice sticks look now more like a wooden floor, still see some spots that need some touch with the brush.
 My mother asked for the empty racks that holds the toothbrushes in the store.
It is from white plastic.
 The removed the paper with the brand name.
 I had some colored wood sticks, i bought last year for only 1euro.
 We have them cut to size.
 So they fit between the gaps.
 Then painted them in a nice color.
Hey look we both suddenly had a painted thum.
First when we started to paint, it looks like the paint not stick to the plastic.
But  the second layer was well.
Meanwhile we wallpapered the inside and the outside.
 I will make a picture in daylight so you can see the details of the wallpaper.
 The border on top with the houses i printed from the internet.
You can find it here:
A very nice site with lots of free dollshouse printables.

 The racks now painted a second time.
Blue and green.
 My mother did the green one and i the blue one.
Now it's time to clean up the mess.
Hope you enjoyed.
We sure did.

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Day 1 of the Corners/ The beginning

Like i told you in the previous post, this is the new project of my mum and me.
We are going to work on it ones a week.
This is how we bought them at the fair.
 Already nice rounded corners.
 Very smooth wood, so it needs no sanding to begin.
 First layer of stain is on.
We don't have to be neat, because the floor and the wallpaper is coming over it.
 Little coffee braek.
I almost dipped my paintbrush in the coffee.
 We used waterbased stain.
In the color mahonie.
My mother is happy with the color, i am thinking of doing another layer so the color is a little bit deeper.
 After our little coffee braek the stain is already a bit dry. ( on the tin it says dry after 4 ours, but we have no patiens) We begin with the floor.
 For the floor we used ice cream sticks,
I had left over from other projects.
Most sticks i bought years ago at a hobby-shop, a couple are from ice scream.
I know: i keep to much stuff, but now they come in handy!
First we looked if we had enough for two floors.
Then we cut of the rounded parts with a large scissor.
 The colors are  different, but that only ads caracter.
 We still have to sand and stain them but that's for next week.
Left : my mothers corner
She ended  there with her floor.
Right: my floor, i want to go around the corner.

To be continued next week.

maandag 20 juni 2011

New purchases and new project

Long time sinds my last blogpost here, because i only did put a part of my roof-tiles of my big dollshouse and a part of a bedspread that i crocheted and was not happy with.
So i had nothing to show you, but in the meantime i looked a lot at all your lovely blogs.

Today i do have something to show you.
I went last saterday at a miniature fair in the dollshouseshop "Mini-Wonders" in Wormerveer with my mother.
I bought some lovely miniatures and we had a lovely time.
This is what i bought:

I also bought  tree fimo-canes, one with a bear and one with a butterfly and one with a dragonfly, but they are so tiny that it's hard to make a good photo.
My mother and i also bought a woden corner to make  a scene in.

Ones a week my mother and i have a craft-night and we have decided
To make a new project were we make the same thing, ofcourse in our own version.
So we both bought the same woden corner.
We are going to make a hobby room/ atelier.
We only work on it on our craft-night and eveything in it we have to make ourselves...the only thing is maybe a scisser or a tool we already have.
So we don't gonna buy things for it.
I am gonna make a lot of photo's of how we make the things and try to explane how we didi it.
I think it's nice for the beginners out there to see how you can do this hobby without braking the bank.
Maybe i can share some tips  with the more experienced also.

I would love to here about your tips, so feel free to write me comments....I love them! :)