donderdag 29 september 2011

Happy Birthday Mam

Today is my mams Birthday.

Lieve mama, van harte gefeliciteerd, nog vele gezonde en gelukkige jaren.
Een hele fijne dag, tot vanmiddag.

My mother is the youngest of tree sisters and mother of tree girls, i am the oldest.

Sinds i infected her with the miniature virus, it is her greatest hobby.
She is making something for the dollshouse every day.
She is already retired so she has a lot of time to do that, resulting in a lot of houses and projects.
What she like most is knitting in miniature and making dolls from fimo.
Here are some examples of her work.
A roombox full of knitwork.
 Some of the contents:

This is a roombox called at the Photographer.
She made a replica of the drawing made by Anton Pieck.
 A lot of our family photo's are in there and she made the dolls and almost everything in there.
 The picture on the leftside  is her wedding picture.
 This drawing is what inspired her.
Mam, thank for your love and  Happy Birthday!!!

woensdag 28 september 2011

I won a Give -Away

I won a Give-Away at http://susanshouses.blogspot.com/
A lovely Vintage bride and her family:
Her jounger sister the nurse and her older sister with husband and two kids

 Her groom was already waiting for her in front of the house they are going to live in.
A vintage tin house made in Japan.
 Aren't they a nice couple?
 The whole family in front of the house, posing for the family photo.
 Smile!!  :)
 And ofcourse like a royal couple......
 a kiss on the balcony.
 Bey bey.
No, don't go...we first want to show you our new home.
 The kidsroom.
 Look, there is a fireplace in the bedroom, how romantic.
 Lots of books and modern red lamps at the other side of the bedroom.
 The livingroom has a fireplace too, and a hunting theme,
 Here is the kitchen..so clean and organized,
and a badroom ofcourse.
Thank you Suzan, you are so kind and generous.
You made a mini-man (the groom) and me very happy!

zondag 25 september 2011

Day 7 of the corners, i made a box for my bundles of wool and the chairs are ready!

Day 7, another nice evening of crafting with my mother, this is what wa have done:
 I made a box/basket for the bundles.

 I made a litle piece of crochet to go in there as well.
 I am very proud of the result.
 This clothespin is normaly to hang your Christmas card on a string.
In my corner it holds some dollshouse pictures.
 In my mums corner it hold some patterns.
 We also winded some tread on cards.

 Yes our chairs are ready, mine ....

 and my mums chair.

 Here is where i put my threads, in a clear box that first was to hold the chewing gum.
I see on the picture there need some more of the blue foil rubbed of.
In the back you see a little roombox i made earlier.

My computer was doing okay after a Windows update, but acting strange again now, same problem again.

Hugs from me and my mum.

zaterdag 17 september 2011

Day 6 of the corners,a little tutorial, a lampout of beads and help!!

We are busy making a chair, still needs to finish it up.

 and we made some more bundles of wool.

For those who don't know how you make bundels of wool here's how we didi it:
First take a big straw ( the ones who comes with milkshakes) and cut it in pieces, as big as you want your bundles to be.
Than take a needle and thread, we used embroidery thread but you can use whatever you want.
Start winding the thread around the straw by going in one  whole end , going out the other whole end.
Do this till you're bundle is big enough and than cut it of.
You don't have to use glue, it will stay like this by itself.
You can finish it of with a lable, made out of paper.
 I also made a lamp out of beads and wire for the girlsroom of my big dollshouse.
Maybe you wandering why you did't see me for a while.
I am having some problems with my laptop.
If i want to type some texts my laptop is acting really strange.
If i type a t i get a new tab and if i type a p it wants to print and more of this things.
The only way i can type a letter is by typing ctrl and then one letter and then ctrl and type the other letter.
I don't know how i can fix that.
Has anyone of you had this roblem before?

I am now using my man's computer posting this post.