woensdag 21 oktober 2009

first dollshouse

Tis is the topfloor of my first dollshouse.
It's a room for a teeage girl,you see her at this picture, i found her at a fleemarket.
See is made out of porselin.
The clotches see weres i made myself.
I started decorate this house in 1996.(see the cosmopolitan mens calender on the wall)

Another picture of the girls room

This is the parents bedroom.
The man came with the teenager at the fleemarket.
He is the dad of the house and he just came out of the shower and want too jump into his clothes.
The bedspraed is a resent project i have crocheted.

Another look at the girls room.
That chair in the corner was my first chair i ever made.

This is the hobby room.
Here a lot of dollhouse and miniature making is going on.
The sewing machine on table is a lighter.

The dining area in the kitchen.
My mother knitted the vest.

Another look at the hobbyroom.
This picture i used on top of my blog.
I see now that my shelf above the desk is falling....oeps.
The lamp on the desk is made of a fake grape.
The bathroom.

The babyroom.
One day i will make better pictures.

The kitchen.
Omelet is in the pan.
I made this kitchen myself.
Now the oven has handles and buttons.

The kitchen.
Dirty disches are still waithing.
The grandma is visiting (made by my mother).
The mother of the house, behind grandma, was the first doll i made.
I think she is very ugly, but i keep her because she was my first try.

Granddad is also in the living room(also made by my mother)
He looks like my father!!
The sofa and chairs i made myself and the table is from polystone.
On top of the table are tulips from silk,i also made myself.

The living room.
A better look at granddad,with a cup of coffee in his hands.

4 opmerkingen:

Liberty Biberty zei

Maria, your dollhouse looks wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing more of your big dollhouse too.
Your English is very good!
All the best!

maria zei

Thanks Mercedes,
I will follow your blog too.
Good Luck

Kathi zei

I love your kitchen and the hobby room! Those are two rooms I still need to do in my dollhouse. Yours are wonderful!
Thanks for following my little blog. Welcome!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Hola María

Estoy muy feliz de compartir este swap de cockerina.
Tines un blog precioso, felicidades por todos tus trabajos.
Un beso