donderdag 25 februari 2010

girls room

These two dolly,s are on top of a shell at the wall that is opening,and a piggy-bank.
All of these i boughtat a dolls house fair.
I love the wallpaper, i wish i had that in my real room when i was a little girl.

The boots i also bought ar the same fair, the pretty vest is knitted by my mum and got sparkels in it.
The floor is still bare because i first have to make the lites at the room below.

A peak inside the closed, the dresses i made myself.

7 opmerkingen:

Coby zei

Wat leuk Maria en wat een lief behangetje met die elfjes ;-)

dale zei

Cute! those boots are adorable. :)

miniacollection zei

I love your boots, I love wellies in real size too. I have the same piggy bank.

michelle zei

Lief en heel leuk allemaal Maria!

Ingrid zei

I gladly give you de Sunshine Award
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maria zei

Thank you girls

Jean Day zei

Maria, I love the wall paper too!! The boots are fantastic, I would like them in real life as well.