dinsdag 20 april 2010


Ingrid from mijn droomwereldje gave me this Award.
Thanks Ingrid.
It's very nice of you to call me your Sweet Friend.
I am very honored.

I pass on this Award to all my followers, because i call you all my sweet friends.
I am so happy to get to know you a little and to share my hobby with all of you.
Thanks for all your sweet comments, advice and inspiration.

So feel free to copie the award and place it on your blog.

3 opmerkingen:

Free Pretty Things For You zei

thank you!! im SO glad you liked them :)
ill be posting more up soon!
I LOVE miniature things!!
do you sell your work?

maria zei

No i am not selling them,
but maybe in the future when i have some more time.

rosanna zei

Hallo Maria, thank you for following ,it's a pleasure to meet you.Rosanna