zondag 30 januari 2011

Give -Away

Today, i found another blogger (new for me) who is having a beautifull give away.
A parrot, she made herself.
Very very beautifull, take a look at her blog it is so nice!
You can participate till 28 February at
Good luck!

I see that i have 180 followers now.
When i started blogging i did not now there where so many miniaturists all over the world.
I Like it so much,
When i see i have a new follower i always going to look at there blogs and love to see all those gorgious miniatures all of you make.
I am planning to organize a give-away when i have 200 followers.
So stay allert.

2 opmerkingen:

Christine zei

Thank you for the pointer about the parrot and ongratulations on your 180 followers. Isn't the internet wonderful that we can all find each other.

Evas miniaturerhobby zei

Tillykke med de 180 følgere!
Jeg er enig med Christine i, at internettet er fantastisk, så vi kan finde hinanden og dele denne skønne miniaturehobby.
Knus Eva