zaterdag 30 april 2011

Queensday Purchases

Today was Queensday in Holland.
In Holland we celebrate this with lots of party's and music everywhere but also fleamarkets in a lot of streets. Everybody is alowed to sell there stuff on the streets today.
We went this year not to sell but to buy.

This is what i bought today.
 A whole box of buttons.
 A lot of nice miniatures.
A shadowbox, i will make something else in.
 A small tin in the form of a house.
 The inside is also nice.
(I collect these tins)
 The left.
 The right.
 And now a closer look to the miniatures i showed you in the picture before.

I am so happy!
I bought also these books, the first is a scary cook book for my son.
The second is a book about making memory boxes and the third is a book about drawing and painting.
I also bought a old brown suitcase but the picture was to bad.
I did not spend much on these lovely items and we had lots of fun today.
It was a busy week for me.
I redecorated my sons room.
It was the first time fot me to wallpaper in full size.
I also put together the new bed and bureau of my son.
Still have to put together his new wardrobe.
He is almost 10.
His birthday is monday and i gave him a new room and he is so happy he have a teenage room now.
I hope he keeps it need and tidy now.
If you want to see it look at my other site here.

Nice weekend!!

17 opmerkingen:

Maria Ireland zei

You got some great stuff buttons always come in handy:). I love the tin its so sweet.Have a nice weekend :)

Maria Ireland zei

O nearly forgot Happy Birthday to your son :)

Marian zei

I have four metal houses and are different from that your houses. Look to my blog. They are in my blog.

Christine zei

Wha a lovely lot of things you found! I collect small tin houses too, but have none with inside rooms so far.

cockerina zei

Mamma mia, how much stuff you have purchased! together with the toys that you bought in the previous post, I hope you have not spent too much money!
I have only one question: what do you do with all those buttons? :))
it's nice to see that your child helps to remove the wallpaper, he is a little man now! many wishes for a happy birthday! But I am a little worried to see you, standing on the armrests of the chair ... You do not have a normal scale? risks of falling!
I think the new room is amazing, I love the blue!
a big hug and good weekend!

cockerina zei

Maria dear, I think that sometimes, perhaps men should do more to help us women, otherwise we are forced to take the risk! :))
maybe at Christmas, Santa can give a straight ... ahahahah!
a big hug! Caterina

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

María cuantas cosas has encontrado, me imagino lo que has disfrutado,encontrando una tras otra esas cosas bellas y minis,como dice Caterina ¿que harás con tanto botón?

Eva zei

¡Que suerte encontrar tantas miniaturas!.
Si no sabe que hacer con tantos botones en este enlace encontrará una idea muy buena
Un saludo, Eva

maria zei

Thanks Eva, that is a cool idea.
Thanks for the link.

Norma zei

Wow,I can't believe you found all those fabulous things at a flea market - you should get a 'Queen of Shopping' award :) Of course all the miniature things are just fantastic but I must say that my favourite is the little tin, I love old tins too.

Good luck in my giveaway draw!

maria zei

Thank you Norma that is so sweet of you.

Rosamargarita zei

Visit mi blogggggggggggg!

Peeters Liliane zei

Hoe leuk dat je mijn elfje mooi vindt. Het is fijn om zo een leuke berichtjes te krijgen. Mooi blog heb je met al die kleine spulletjes echt geweldig!!!
Lieve groetjes,

Cinderella Moments zei

I like all your little findings! You are going to have so much fun using all of those.

Yvonne zei

Dank je voor je berichtje op Barnys Brocante Blog.

Ja nu zelf een poppenhuis bouwen.
Nooit gedacht dat ik er zelf aan zou beginnen.
Het virus is dus toch overgeslagen.

Het wordt een heel oud poppenhuis, wat ik opnieuw gaat renoveren.

Foto's volgen natuurlijk.
Kom nog vaak bij je loeren, moet veel inspiratie opdoen.

Gr Yvonne

Plushpussycat zei

What wonderful treasures--now it's time for some fun! :-) So glad I found your blog today!

Craftland zei

You get lovely things at the fleamarket. I'm also a fleamarket-fan.
Your work is wonderful.