zaterdag 17 september 2011

Day 6 of the corners,a little tutorial, a lampout of beads and help!!

We are busy making a chair, still needs to finish it up.

 and we made some more bundles of wool.

For those who don't know how you make bundels of wool here's how we didi it:
First take a big straw ( the ones who comes with milkshakes) and cut it in pieces, as big as you want your bundles to be.
Than take a needle and thread, we used embroidery thread but you can use whatever you want.
Start winding the thread around the straw by going in one  whole end , going out the other whole end.
Do this till you're bundle is big enough and than cut it of.
You don't have to use glue, it will stay like this by itself.
You can finish it of with a lable, made out of paper.
 I also made a lamp out of beads and wire for the girlsroom of my big dollshouse.
Maybe you wandering why you did't see me for a while.
I am having some problems with my laptop.
If i want to type some texts my laptop is acting really strange.
If i type a t i get a new tab and if i type a p it wants to print and more of this things.
The only way i can type a letter is by typing ctrl and then one letter and then ctrl and type the other letter.
I don't know how i can fix that.
Has anyone of you had this roblem before?

I am now using my man's computer posting this post.

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Fabiola zei

oH, I also use this method to make bundles of wool.
Bye Faby

Cinderella Moments zei

The wool looks fantastic! How smart!
Maybe you have a key stuck on your laptop. For my laptop it is called the Fn key. Don't you just hate when you have any problems with your computer!
good luck and tech hugs,

cockerina zei

Hello Maria, thanks for the tutorial of the balls, much easier, is not it?
about the problem of your PC, it is very strange! I guess it's frustrating having to write each letter with your finger on ctrl ... : ((
I ask my husband if he can give some advice, then come back, OK? kisses and good Sunday!

cockerina zei

Here I am!
So, my hubby suggested to go on the website of the manufacturer of your laptop and see if there is a page where you can ask for help, because every brand of computer has different functions...
I'm sorry, I hoped to help more, but this is the best I can do.
good luck!
xx Caterina

Eva zei

Gracias por el tutorial, la lámpara te ha quedado muy bonita.
Siento no poder ayudarte con el problema.
Un saludo, Eva

Maria Ireland zei

Thank you very much for the tutorial on the balls of wool. I love the lamp in your house. Hugs Maria

Narán zei

Bonita sala de costura.

De informática sé muy poco, siento no poder ayudarte en eso.
Besos, Narán

Ascension zei

Que preciosa sala de costura.
Gracias por el tutorial.
Siento no poder ayudarte soy muy torpa con la informatica.
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension

Eliana zei

The scene is beautiful! The wicker chair is very difficult to do, it takes time. I appreciate the tutorial, it's amazing!

Maru zei

Gracias por el tutorial, es estupendo. Siento no poder ayudarte con la informática, sólo lo podría estropear más :-(
Un beso.

Vanessa zei

The bundles are wonderful!! My Barbies don't have a sewing room yet, but I have now moved it up on the list of rooms to complete.

miniacollection zei

What a very good idea to make bundles of wool. Thank you for sharing.

mijbil zei

The chair will turn out great! Thank you for the smart bundle instructions too! :)
Hugs from Venice,