donderdag 15 december 2011

My mother is published !!

She is published in the dutch magazine: Dolls House Nederland with her story and some pictures.

She is so proud and i am so happy for her.

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Drora's minimundo zei

How nice! Does our mother make the dolls or just dress them? Does she have a blog or a online site? I'd love to see her work. You must be very proud of her.

carmen zei

felicitala de mi parte..

monique zei

Oooh wat superleuk voor je moeder!!! Wat maakt ze leuke popjes zeg. Geloof goed dat jullie trots zijn, zou ik ook zijn ;-)
Liefs, Monique

maria zei

Dear Drora,
My mother made a lot of dolls herself and dressed all.
The only doll she didn't made herself on this pictures is the oliebollen seller in the "HOllandsche gebakkraam".
Making dolls and knitting in miniature is what she likes the most.
She don't have a site or blog, i tryed to push her to make a blog, but she don't want it.
I will make some more blogposts for her on my blog in the future, she made so much lovely mini's.

Ascension zei

Felicidades a tu mama y a ti enhorabuena por tener esa mami tan fantastica.
besitos ascension

cockerina zei

Oh! is wonderful! I understand your happiness and your pride! we all want a mother like her!! :D
This is a really nice Christmas present! Many congratulations!
Merry Christmas!

miniacollection zei

Congratulations to your mother!

Maria Ireland zei

Congratulations to your Mother Maria. I am so happy for you both. Her dolls look fantastic.
Hugs Maria

Norma zei

Congratulations to your mother, her dolls look wonderful, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see more of her work here on your blog.

maria zei

Norma, no your not the only one Drora was asking for it too.
I will post more of her in 2012, i promise.

Fabiola zei

Congratulations to your mother!
Bye Faby

Garden of Miniatures zei

What a wonderful article about your mother.I looked at the pictures in high resolution and the dolls are really great,so well deserved. A merry Xmas to you and your mother:-)! Warm hugs,Jeannette x

Sans! zei

Your mum's work is amazing Maria! Please send her my compliments!

Merry Xmas :) and I agree with you.Your Christmas roombox is cozy, warm and sweet :)

Lataina zei

How wonderful! Congratulations to your mother!!! =)