maandag 20 februari 2012

and the Winner is......

First i want to thank you all for so much sweet compliments for my mum.
We are so happy that you like her work and for so many lovely people wanted to join this Give- Away party...41 in total.
A warm welcome for my new followers, i loved getting to know your blogs.

Now is time for the draw.
First i wrote down all the names.
 Then cut out, fold and put in this little bucket.
Behind the bucket you see the babyshop i am working on.
 Then i needed a little helper to pick one .
Here is he....my puppy "Spot", my helper of today.
 After a little fight with the papers, he finaly pick one out.
"Are you sure Spot?"
Yes he was sure.
But he need a help from his mother to open the paper.
 and the winner is.......woef
Congretulations Craftland, please mail me for your adres at minimaria@live.nl
so i can send you the knitted sweater my mum made.

All the other partcipators: thanks for joining, better luck next time.

My mum is  published again with a tutorial of her knitwork in the Dollshouse Nederland of March.
I will show you a picture later this week.

A big Hug from me and my mum

24 opmerkingen:

carmen zei

feliciadades a la ganadora, era un trabajo lindo...( por favor, no podrías suprimir la verificación de la palabra...?)

Maria zei

Thanks, i forgot that. I don't like the wordverification either,now it is gone.

Craftland zei

Oh Maria, I'm the winner!?! Oh, I'm so happy. I'm not a knitter and so I get a wonderful and beautiful and great gift. Thank you so much.
Hugs and kisses from Craftland

Drora's minimundo zei

Congratulations to the winner for the wonderful prize!
Thank you and your mother for the chance.

Fabiola zei

Congratulations Craftland!
Bye Faby

Ascension zei

Enhorabuena a la ganadora y muchas gracias por darnos la oportunidad.
besitos ascension

miniacollection zei

Congratulations to Craftland!

Rosamargarita zei

Gracias María, por el sorteo y por quitar la palabra de verificación!!!
Da las gracias también a tu mamá.
Felicitaciones a Karin.

Plushpussycat zei

Congratulations Craftland! Yay!!! Thank you, Maria and your mum, for a lovely giveaway! :-) Jennifer

Maria Ireland zei

Congratulations to Karin on winning this beautiful prize. Thank you both for this wonderful giveaway.
Hugs Maria

Make It Small zei

Congratulations to the lucky winner! Sorry I missed this, your Mum has made a great job of the jumper. I love little Spot! Gill x


Gratuluję zwycięzcy i dziękuję za cudowną zabawę. Uściski!

El bichillo zei

Enhorabuena a la ganadora y a ti por tu madre tan buena.

Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria zei

Muchisimas felicidades a la ganadora me alegro muchisimo por ella !!
Porque se lo merece !!
gracias a ti por darnos esta oportunidad !!
y siento mucho no averme enterado antes del sorteo !!

** . * . . . . * . * . Un besito
.. * . (\ *** /) * . * cielo
.* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . que tengas
.* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . un buen
.* . * . /___\ * . . * dia

Marta zei

Hello from Spain: Congratulations to the winner. I like pictures with the dog. Keep in touch

Rosella zei

Thank you and your mum for this lovely giveaway!!

cockerina zei

that sympathetic helper!
Congratulations to the winner and thanks to you, and your Mom for this awesome give away!

Cinderella Moments zei

That was such a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity! And congratulations to the winner!

Wildflower zei

Congratulations to the winner. :)

Woolytales Miniatures zei

ohh this was so cute!!!

Hi Mary,
I had to laugh with your comment!!lol
"Everyone" asks me the same thing... well, one is that I eat "very well" , health wise, and for the reason I only need 4 hours a sleep.
Another thing is that i "don't ' watch TV. I watch movies on Friday night but that is it!*grin*

Lucille zei

Congratulations to the winner, Maria! I want to add that I admire your mother's work so very much. I have just started knitting in mini and I knitted a Toy Golly. It's just a little dollhouse toy boy. It was a kit from bitstobuy from Helen Cox. I found it very difficult at first, but I persisted. When I look at your mother's work, I understand what she goes through. That green and white sweater is perfect. It must have been so difficult to do!

Maria zei

Hi Lucille, thanks for the compliment afor my mum,a knitted Toy Golly seems very difficult for me too!
Do you have a blog?

Eliana zei

Congrats for Karin!

Crafter's Delights zei

Congrats to Maria! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!