donderdag 12 april 2012

Banana boxes and a greengrocer.

My mum and i glued together the bananaboxes that i printed earlier.
I saw them at a site more then a year ago and printed them on my work.
Sorry girls and guys, i don't remember were they from.
If you have them on your site or know were you can find them, please let me know.
Then we painted a part of the inside a matching color.
So you don't see the white when they are filled.
 I made a little crate also and ofcourse my mother is 10 or better say 20 steps ahaid and she made the perfect man to sell her fruit and veggies.
 She made him out of Fimo with a flexable body.
 Dressed him with a nice sweater, jeans and a cap. all made by herself.
 Look at his shoes aren't they fit for standing a long time?
She used barbie shoes and painted them.
 He has a moustache (and hair) from real hair.
 I love how she made his jeans, they even got pockets.
 I have to make a man or woman too for my cart, but i don't think mine is a beautiful as this guy.
I am not good in making dolls.
But i give it a try anyway.
You only get better in doing things by practice it a lot.
Bey bey, see you next time.

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Drora's minimundo zei

Your Mum's work is amazing. The guy looks perfectly dressed and ready to call customers' attention.
I love your crates. I think you and your mum inspire each other and share this inspiration with us, your followers.
Hugs to both of you, Drora

SaMiRa73 zei

Cool guy is your mom´s creation! I adore when someone can sew or knit in miniature (I cannot, even in realsize!). I also had the link for these boxes :-))), but I also cannot remember where it was. I guess mine was a dutch site???
Who has lost his hair????
Greetings, Sandra

carmen zei

el vendedor es genial!!!

Craftland zei

The man is perfect. Your mother is very talented.
Hugs from Craftland

Cote zei

El vendedor es una pasada, me encantan esos pantalones!!

Minnie Kitchen zei

That is amazing work! Love the boxes too!

Maria zei

I think my sister has lost some hair.

Thank you all for your sweet comments, i appriciate it veru much.

miniacollection zei

I admire the work of your mother.

Fabiola zei

Your mother is a talented miniaturist.
I like these scenes.
Bye Faby

Lataina zei

The vendor your mother made is wonderful!!! I love his whole outfit from head to toe. It's perfect! I love that you do these projects together, It is always a pleasure to follow along. =)

Make It Small zei

Your Mum has a perfect man! His clothes are fabulous! The banana crates are looking good, too. Gill x

Alexandra zei

Ik vind het echt geweldig leuk.
Dat kontje in dat broekie.
De dozen zijn ook mooi gelukt.

Groetjes, Alexandra

Marta zei

Hello from Spain: I like the result of the fruits and truck boxes. They are very well done. The clothes that your mother did the Lord is very nice. Pants and shoes are perfect for him. Congratulations to both for this work so precious. Keep in touch.

Maria Ireland zei

Your boxes and crates are fantastic. Wow I love your Mothers guy he is amazing. I love following you and your Mothers projects congratulations to both.
Hugs Maria

Ascension zei

Ese vendedor es genial, enhorabuena ha quedado perfecto y las cajas son fantasticas.
besitos ascension

Xandra zei

Wat een leuke groentekar en groenteboer heb je gemaakt. Zelfs mooie bananendozen zie ik op de kar.Mooi geeehl.

Groetjes Xandra

Esther zei

Wat een prachtige groente kar. Groetjes Esther.

Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria zei

Madre mía que maravilla de personaje ha hecho tu mamà !!
y la ropa y calzado que lleva es muy moderna con un realismo alucinante!!
felicidades porque es una artista!!

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Anita zei

I found this:


It's a Tiny Tiny World zei

Hi Maria,

I absolutely LOVE his sweater!!