zaterdag 20 maart 2010

miniatures of my mother

Today i wanna show you some of the miniutures of my mum.I infected my mum with the dollshouse-virus.

This is her first house,a canal house typical for Amsterdam.

When she bought the house, she told me:
I buy a larg house, so i am busy with it a lot of years.
And i only buy one house.
I told her that i don't believe her.
Well.......she was finished with this house in a couple of months and a she made a lot of projects after that.

The flower delivery-man with his groovy sunglasses.

Dawnstairs in front of the house there is "Blonde Dolly" and a Bikerman and a lady with her dog.

The antiek shop in the souterain.
The boss is counting his money.

A toilet between the antiek shop and bakery.

Two lady's having a cup of coffee in the bakery.
The cakes in the window of the bakery.

Tomorrow i show you the first floor.

5 opmerkingen:

dora zei

Muchas gracias. Felicitaciones para su madre. Es genial

Lize zei

Your mum really got bitten by the mini-bug if she collected all of this so quickly!

Victoria zei

Wow, this is huuuge house! Your mum is a real enthusiast - to collect so many cool things in couple of months, it's impressive!

michelle zei

Mooi huis, leuk dat je mam ook verlaafd is aan deze hobby ;-))

miniacollection zei

I love the dolls and the house.