woensdag 31 maart 2010

Some more pictures of my mum's canal-house

The bathroom.
Yes also the man in the house have to shower, he is a rubber doll my mother bought but his ... is made of fimo.
I made it for her and we have a laugh about it.
He even has real hair.
The bath is made of a package and painted white.

Two is sometimes better then one.
This carpet i made for her in petit point,with matching pillow.
All in the color of the babyroom she made.

The baby in the crib, in a suit my mother knitted.
This boy is playing with his trains.
He is from porcelain and also with clothes my mother made.

The girl also dressed by mum is also from porcelain.

The girl behind the sewing machine is also porcelain and dressed by mummy.
Look at the light in the sewing machine, isn't it lovely!
The top of the house is rented by students.
Here is the real dusty livingroom of the student.
She is so lazy laying on the coutch the whole day.
Well that was the rest of my mothers first house.
She has a lot of shops and other small projects and even a fancy fair.
I will post more pictures of her projects in the future.
For now....thanks for watching and too mum i wan't too say:
I am very proud of you!!

11 opmerkingen:

Mimmi zei

What a great house! I love the tiles in the bathroom, and the two sinks is such a nice touch. The lighted sewing machine is very cool, and what a lovely baby-room! Your mum has done a great job with this house!

Ascension zei

Enhorabuena a las dos, la casa esta llena de preciosos detalles.
Enhorabuena a ti tambien por hacer esa cosita pequeña en fimo...jejejejejeje
besitos ascension

dora zei

Me ha encantado el detalle pequeño de fimo, muy real. ja,ja,ja.
Tiene una casa preciosa, y muchisimos detalles.

Peach Blossom Hill zei

What a wonderful tour of your house! I love the two fancy sinks in the bathroom and the little boy playing with his train! I am just now getting around to trying to finish my 10-year-old's Victoria's Farmhouse and it will still be a while before we can furnish it! I was just painting the window trim and a door earlier! This gives me inspiration.


Sans zei

Real hair? Ok , I won't ask..lol :)

This is a beautiful house. A lot of work must have gone into each and every piece. A real heirloom to be passed from generation to generation!

Meli zei

The bathroom is lovely.. Love the petit point work is just perfect.
Great work

Lena zei

A lovely house and fantastic bathroom! She make a real lovely work to it, and the naked man in the´shower was really fun!


maria zei

Hey girls, my mum say's: Thanks for the nice compliments.

Sans- No it is not that kind of hair....hahahaha:)

JFolk zei

I love your house, it is very full of life! And the man too! ROFL, I had to chuckle and see the reactions! Great job!
Mini Hugs

Marleen zei

Hallo Maria,

Wat een schittend huis zeg!
Enne geweldig leuk gedaan die blote mn onder de douche hahahahahaa:)

Ik ben helemaal weg van je prachtige naaimachine met licht nog wel echt gaaf!
Mag ik vragen waar je die gekocht hebt en zat het licht erin of heb je dat zelf erin gemaakt?


cockerina zei

OH! My God! There is a naked man in the shower ??????????? and see who is also, er ... with! Congratulations to mom ...... ah ah ah! you're too nice!