zondag 13 juni 2010

Boot sale market

I didn't finnish something for my house this week, i only spent some time surfing around at all the lovely blogs and looking in my old dollshouse magazines.
So i show you the market stall my mother made.
I have a similar one who is not yet finnished.
I promess myself to finnish my projects now first before starting at new projects.
I hope i can really do.

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Sans! zei

Your mum has done well, Maria :). I love how everything is placed and so many things are so realistic, like the balls of wool and that man at the corner who seemed to be shouting "Come on in!"

Ascension zei

Es un puesto de mercado precioso, lleno de detalles maravillosos!!
besitos ascension

miniacollection zei

It's great, so many things to see.
You're not the only one who does several things at the same time.

maria zei

Sans, Ascension and Genevieve,
My mum says thanks for the compliment.

PAKY zei

is beautiful, your mum is a great miniaturist too!! congrats!

cockerina zei

Come to my blog to know your partner for the Holiday Swap!

Alina zei

Great work! Such detail. I love it! (work around my house is also getting a bit "behind" because I keep on traveling through the wonderful Blog World)

Puppenstubennostalgie zei

Hallo Maria,

Dein Stand ist aber sehr hübsch geworden.

Wir wurden bei Caterina für den Holiday-Swap ausgelost und ich möchte meinen Swap dann gerne an Dich schicken. Bitte sende mir hierzu Deine komplette Adresse. Hier meine Email:

Freut mich wirklich, das wir ausgelost wurden.

Liebe Grüße an Dich


elis zei

This market stall is wonderful! Congratulations to your mother.

Margaret zei

Your mum's stall is great, look forward to seeing yours. BTW your colourful shirts are fabulous.

maria zei

Thanks Elis and Margaret,
I will tell my mother you like it.
And thank for the compliment about my shirts.

maria zei

Also thanks PAKI, Caterina,Monika and Alina

Eva zei

It is a great stand!! Great work!

Terry zei

stand that crowded! nice work!
Hugs ♥

Norma zei

I missed this post Maria. my compliments to your mum, that market stall is great!

Glad to see you've joined my giveaway, and you were so nice to take the time to leave a second comment apologising for my name misspelling, I wouldn't have been offended :) We are all making spelling mistakes all the time on blog comments, usually tired and typing too fast I think. Good luck in the giveaway draw :)

cockerina zei

Hello Maria! I went for a quick greeting!
as the work proceeds, for the Holiday Swap?? you can send me photos of your minis for Karin?? you have already received the package from Monika?? please give me news!
kisses, Caterina