vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Two days (swap holliday trip) in Amsterdam

I take Karin for a two day(virtual) trip to Amsterdam.
From Rotterdam (Where i live) to Amsterdam it is only one our by train.
We arive at Central Station.

The outsite of Central station is a very beautifull building.

The best way to see a lot of the center of Amsterdam is to go by bike.

Its very nice weather at the moment,so the bike would be very cool...hahaha.

But we go by the tram.

Its only a couple of stops to the nine streets..a very nice shopping area, with lots of nice smal shops.
Klick on the logo for information.

Als de lente komt dan stuur ik naar jou,
tulpen uit Amsterdam.
Duizend gele duizend rode,
brengen jou het allermooiste.
Wat mijn mond niet zeggen kan,
zeggen tulpen uit Amsterdam.

Above is a fragment from a Dutch song...translation-
If the spring is coming i send to you,
tulips from Amsterdam.
Thousant yellow thousant red,
bring you the most beautifull.
What my mouth can not say,
say's tulips from Amsterdam.

After shopping we take a canel cruise, the best way to see the canel houses, tipical for Amsterdam.

Next day we start very early..9 in the morning.
We go to the monday market...my favorite market in Amsterdam.
You have there a part with new stuf and a lot of fabrics,and you have a second hand part..where you can find al sorts of second hand stuf..clotches, brocante antiques etc.

For lunch we eat Hearing, called zoute haring or Hollandsche Nieuwe.
MMMmmm i hope you like it too,i think it is tipacal Dutch.

In Rotterdam people eat it lake this...take the fish by its tale and bite , this is how my man does it.

But i like to eat it the Amsterdam way...in pieces with pickels and onions.

Than we go to the Vondel park to rest a little and enjoy the nature.
Walking true the park on the other end of it there is the ....

Rijks museum.
Here we can see lots of art, but also a couple of nice old Dollshouses.

It is already late when we come out of the museum, so much to see there.
We go walk a little in the city to find a nice restaurant for dinner.

Hope you like your(virtual) trip to Amsterdam.
My swap mini's are almost ready.
Today is the first day of summervacation here in Holland and i am free from work, so i have more time now to work on my mini's and blog.
Have a nice day you all.

4 opmerkingen:

Meli zei

Maria thanks for the photos and the virtual trip!!! It's beautiful... !!!

Alina zei

Thank you for this lovely tour. I loved EVERYTHING! Hope you continue to have a great time. XO

cockerina zei

Maria I traveled with you, thanks for the great pictures! I always wanted to go and visit Amsterdam in Holland, but not in cycling .. ha ha!
the tulips are wonderful, and the fish ... Well, I leave that to my husband, he likes a lot ...
and finally I discovered that it is true, the houses in Amsterdam are wrong!
it was a great holiday, thanks! I'm sure Karin will be happy with this virtual trip!
great hug, Caterina

miniacollection zei

Thank you for showing us photos of Amsterdam. It makes me want to go there one day.