maandag 20 juni 2011

New purchases and new project

Long time sinds my last blogpost here, because i only did put a part of my roof-tiles of my big dollshouse and a part of a bedspread that i crocheted and was not happy with.
So i had nothing to show you, but in the meantime i looked a lot at all your lovely blogs.

Today i do have something to show you.
I went last saterday at a miniature fair in the dollshouseshop "Mini-Wonders" in Wormerveer with my mother.
I bought some lovely miniatures and we had a lovely time.
This is what i bought:

I also bought  tree fimo-canes, one with a bear and one with a butterfly and one with a dragonfly, but they are so tiny that it's hard to make a good photo.
My mother and i also bought a woden corner to make  a scene in.

Ones a week my mother and i have a craft-night and we have decided
To make a new project were we make the same thing, ofcourse in our own version.
So we both bought the same woden corner.
We are going to make a hobby room/ atelier.
We only work on it on our craft-night and eveything in it we have to make ourselves...the only thing is maybe a scisser or a tool we already have.
So we don't gonna buy things for it.
I am gonna make a lot of photo's of how we make the things and try to explane how we didi it.
I think it's nice for the beginners out there to see how you can do this hobby without braking the bank.
Maybe i can share some tips  with the more experienced also.

I would love to here about your tips, so feel free to write me comments....I love them! :)

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Cinderella Moments zei

I can't wait to see what you make and how you did it. I love the table and chairs. Everything you got is very cute.

by Sonya zei

Very nice shopping!

Maria Ireland zei

You got great minis. I am looking forward to all your tips and explanations. I am new to this hobby so i love to see how people make things. Thank you. :) Hugs xxx