donderdag 23 juni 2011

Day 1 of the Corners/ The beginning

Like i told you in the previous post, this is the new project of my mum and me.
We are going to work on it ones a week.
This is how we bought them at the fair.
 Already nice rounded corners.
 Very smooth wood, so it needs no sanding to begin.
 First layer of stain is on.
We don't have to be neat, because the floor and the wallpaper is coming over it.
 Little coffee braek.
I almost dipped my paintbrush in the coffee.
 We used waterbased stain.
In the color mahonie.
My mother is happy with the color, i am thinking of doing another layer so the color is a little bit deeper.
 After our little coffee braek the stain is already a bit dry. ( on the tin it says dry after 4 ours, but we have no patiens) We begin with the floor.
 For the floor we used ice cream sticks,
I had left over from other projects.
Most sticks i bought years ago at a hobby-shop, a couple are from ice scream.
I know: i keep to much stuff, but now they come in handy!
First we looked if we had enough for two floors.
Then we cut of the rounded parts with a large scissor.
 The colors are  different, but that only ads caracter.
 We still have to sand and stain them but that's for next week.
Left : my mothers corner
She ended  there with her floor.
Right: my floor, i want to go around the corner.

To be continued next week.

4 opmerkingen:

Plushpussycat zei

I enjoy watching your process and can't wait to see the next installation!

Maria Ireland zei

Love what you have done looking forward to next week.( must we wait so long ? hehe )

Lucille zei

Hi Maria. I have just discovered your blog. How wonderful that you can share your love of miniatures with your mother and that the two of you spend time together doing something you both like. I am looking forward to what you will do on this new project of yours. I do not have a blog. I simply have a passion for miniatures and I love to read dollhouse blogs and leave comments. I am, however, building a dollhouse.

maria zei

Thanks for your nice comments, Jennifer an Maria Ireland it's almost time for the next step.
I wish i had more time, but sometimes a girl have to work and play housemother.

Lucille Welcome and thanks for following me, yes i am very lucky to share the dollshouse hobby with my mother.
I started it and she was infected with the minivirus later on.
She has more time than me, because she is retired.
I am very curious about your house, good luck and have fun with the hobby.