vrijdag 11 november 2011

Day 10 of the hobby-corners

No, we're not done.
There is still some thing to make for our hobby-corners.
This is what we made on our mother daughter evening:
Can you see what i added?
Yes, little spools of sewing thread!
 Here are more of them, i see now that they are not standing straight.
I also made tree "glass" potts from a piece of a pen, still have to make the lids from fimo-clay and fill them with beads.
 I also crochet a little bag for some wool.
 I am not so happy with it, the holes are to big.
 My mother made this plant.
 and these two,
and this Hedera.
 I also put a Hedera against the wall.
And a pot with some stakes, still have to make a rose to go in there.
The pots are lids saw in half.
Next week we are going to make desk lamps, i make roses and the lids of the potts and maybe more fimo things.
I also want to make a rug, so not finished at all!!
Some of you were already sad the project was finished, but we still have to add more bits and bobs.
So stay tuned.

I am already starting to paint the little shop i bought at the Arnhem Fair.
This is going to be a baby-shop.

This is just to show you what i am doing, first layer of paint is on.
I want to ad more color.
Oooh yes i know i am strange, i start so many projects at the same time.
I am also still working on my big dollshouse.
But hey i like it!
Have a nice weekend.

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Drora's minimundo zei

A very enjoyable passtime with your mother and with wonderful results.

Maria Ireland zei

I am so glad your not finished yet lol. Thank you phew i thought i was the only one that starts so many projects at the same time :D Great idea for the pots on the wall.I love your little shop it will make a wonderful baby shop.
Hugs Maria

La Belle Cuisine / ShabbyParis zei

Hi Maria, thanks for being my follower!
I´m your follower too!
Nice work, and congrats to your mom!!!

Ascension zei

Tu mama y tu estais muy trabajadoras y habeis hecho un fantastico trabajo, enhorabuena.
Me encantan esas plantas.
besitos ascension

ANDA zei

Gyönyörű, minden részletet szellemű munka!

Piikko zei

Hi Maria, how are you?
Your hobby room is wonderful and there are so many pretty details.♥
I stay tuned for your 'so many projects'. :-)
Hugs, piikko

cockerina zei

Hello! I'm organizing an international swap Christmas ..
you want to participate? Come read my blog, thanks!
kisses from Italy!

Craftland zei

You have done wonderful things. All at the same time?! Wow. Your mothers plants are very beautiful.
Hugs from Craftland

Lataina zei

I love the new additions. Your mother's plants are wonderful and I really like your wool bag. All the little spools are adorable! I'm excited to see how the baby shop turns out. =)

Sandra from Sydney zei

Your hobby room is lovely and like you I have several projects going at once so I really understand vbg!