vrijdag 18 november 2011

Day 11 of the corners?

No, not really.
My mother is not feeling well, she has the flu.
I worked a little on my corner, i played a little with fimo.
 I made some roses and stick them to these plastic plants.
That is an easier way to make climbing roses than the method with silk.

 I also made the lids of the jars (from a Bic pen) and filled them with beads.
 More jars with lids from fimo.
I hope my mother is feeling better soon.
Beterschap mam.

I see i have almost reached the 300 followers, welcome new ones.
I better start  working on a Give-Away now...so stay tuned. I let you know what it is when i reached the magic 300.

10 opmerkingen:

malu2 zei

Te felicito por tus trabajos!!!
Deseo que tu madre mejore!!

Drora's minimundo zei

The climbing rose is very cute. I wish your mother a quick recovery and all the best to you both.

Fabiola zei

The climbing rose is very nice.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland zei

Your roses are beautiful. I hope your Mother is better soon.
Hugs Maria

Ascension zei

Espero que tu mama mejore muy pronto, para que pueda seguir con las minis.
Las rosas te quedaron genial.
besitos ascension

Anoniem zei

Hello! I found your blog today and I love it! Ohhh your roses are beautiful! I hope your mother feel better. Mini hugs!

carmen zei

cuida a tu madre, me gusta ver los avances de las dos esquinas....mi blog está en sorteo, si quieres pasarte por allí...

Ingrid zei

Wat moet dat heerlijk zijn samen met je mama knutselen. Jullie maken samen hele mooie dingen. Ik hoop dat ze snel genezen is zodat jullie weer aan de slag kunnen :-))
groetjes Ingrid

Cinderella Moments zei

I hope your mom feels better too. The roses are outstanding. And the room is looking very cute!

Lataina zei

Maria, the roses look very pretty! I hope your mother has recovered. =)