maandag 26 maart 2012

Dolls House Show in Arnhem

We (my mother and I) had a woderfull weekend together.
Zaterday we went to the Dolls House Show in Arnhem.
We had so much fun together, bought very nice stuff and seen so many gorgious minies.
I took some photo's , not from every stand because there was so many and i didn't want to spent all my time on taking photo's.
There were more stands then i thought.
 Victoria Heredia Gerbos
Victoria Heredia Gerbos

I love her dolls and babies, they are so beautiful.
They were a bit to expensive for my budget :(

Leo Reijnders
 Mr. Rijenders, famous for his gorgious glass in the Netherlands.

Sylvia de Groot
Sylvia de Groot

Sylvia de Groot

Sylvia de Groot

Sylvia de Groot

Sylvia de Groot

Sylvia de Groot
 Sylvia showed her work, and i loved every peace, seen it on her blog so many times but it was more gorgious in real life. She was very friendly too.
If you are not familiar with her blog follow this link lotjesdollshouse.blogspot.com and take a look, she is so very talented!
Sorry i fogot who's stand this was, if you know please let me know.
 This lady has a very romantic style.

Blondie Creations

Blondie Creations

Blondie Creations

Blondie Creations
 Yes! Blondie Creations from the blog: lescarnetsdelatelierblondie.blogspot.com who's blog i follow a while now her lovely girls room and shop La Vie en Rose i love .
It was so nice to see in person.
I was also nice to see the face behind her blog.
Artof mini

Art of mini

Art of mini

Art of mini

Art of mini

Art of mini
 Art of mini, wauw those shops, i looked and looked, you see so many things inside and the atmosfere is so lovely and cosy, see sells all kind of mini's with a very nostalgic look.
This is the website:www.artofmini.com
Teeny Weeny Teddies and friends
 The friendly man with the most gorgious and smallest Bears and dolls i have seen.
When i asked him to take a picture he said: only one! 
Carla Zandvliet
 The sweet Carla makes gorgious flowers from silk, ponds, aquaria, animals and gorgious dolls.
She was my teacher for a couple of years and my mother is still following her classes.
Here she is posing with my mother.
My mothers Knitwork
 My mother's knitwork on Carla's stall.

Carla Zandvliet

Le Petit Tricot
 This Lady has the most beautifull knitwork and she is so friendly too.
Le Petit Tricot
Well that was our first day of the weekend.
On Sunday we went to another fair, in Amsterdam and it was the first time at that location.
There were not much visitors.
It was Fair with dollshouses, miniatures, old toys, hobby materials, dolls, bears trains etc.
It was so nice ! I forgot to take pictures of the day.
That was a lovely weekend with my mother, we came home very tired, with lots of nice miniatures, material and inspiration and a empty walled.

I show tomorror what i bought.

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Marian zei

Thank you for your photos. This show are wonderful.

cockerina zei

Maria how many beautiful things you've shown, I'm waiting to see what you bought, it's all so delicious!
the best thing, though, is that you have spent a wonderful weekend with your mom!
hugs and kisses to both!
xxx Caterina

miniacollection zei

Thank you for sharing all these photos.

Vicky zei

What a wonderful weekend!!! I'm glad you and your mum had a lovely time at the fairs. Thanks for sharing your photos, it must have been a wonderful experience!!
I will look forward to seeing what you bought
Vicky xxxxxx

Maria Ireland zei

Wonderful pictures of the show thank you for sharing. I have never been to a show like this so its great to see what its like though it makes me jealous haha Great way to spend a weekend with your Mom. Cant wait to see what you bought.
Hugs Maria

M.Narbon zei

How many precious miniatures!!
It seems a very interesting Show
Thanks to publish the photos!!

Drora's minimundo zei

Thank you for taking me along to the show with your so wonderful photos. I recognized immediately your mother's work, even before I read your note. I hope she sold many. I look forward to see what you bought.

Marta zei

Hello from Spain: I am looking forward to seeing the photos of your visit to the exhibitions of dolls. The flowers were very beautiful you. Congratulations for such awesome work. Keep in touch.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Un reportaje de fotos estupendo, gracias por mostrarlo, besos

House of Seasons zei

OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Maria, wat heb ik veel moois gemist!!!!!
Maar ik ben zo blij met jou foto's van
de beurs, kan ik toch een beetje meegenieten! Ik mis de beurzen erg, vertel je het verhaal erachter nog wel eens.Ik hoop dat je een keertje langs komt in mijn winkel (en dat ik er dan ook ben, mail me even voor je langs komt) kunnen we even over onze droomwereld kletsen!
Bedankt voor deze post!

Oiseau deNim zei

Thanks so much for sharing with us the amazing show in Arnhem.
Your photos and intruction are wonderful!!


SaMiRa73 zei

Oh wow! Thanks for taking us to a trip through the show! You´ve shown us so many roomboxes which I already had seen on blogs before...but your pics are better! So many details more to be seen! Thank you!

Monique zei

Prachtige beurs, ik was er dus ook. De meeste dingen waren net iets te duur, maar ik heb wel mijn ogen uitgekeken.

Fabiola zei

This fair is fantastic!
Bye Faby

Marta zei

Hello from Spain: thank you for teaching photos of the show Arnhem. I love babies gerbils Victoria Hall. Thanks for your blog Sylvia de Groot. I will visit. The clothes your mother are always beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought. A beautiful entrance. keep in contact blog blog.

Erica zei

mooie foto's van de beurs in Arnhem, zo heb ik toch beetje kunnen meegenieten van de beurs.

Kaisa zei

Thank you for sharing the athmosphere of the fair. I'm sure that you and your mother had very nice time at the fair.

Kaya zei

Thank you for sharing with these pictures.