maandag 14 februari 2011

I am the lucky winner!

I won the beautiful Give-away from Piikon at Sopokatu from Finland .
I am so very happy.
It's the first time i won a Give-away and that on Valentines Day.
I feel Very Loved and Lucky.
Take a look at her blog, she makes beautiful miniatures.

Thank you!!

5 opmerkingen:

Ascension zei

besitos ascension

Chris P's Minis and More zei

Good for you!! it's very nice!!

Anoniem zei


And welcome to my blog...your sweet comments made me smile!
Welcome to my blog...

Creative Carmelina

Ciao Bella!

Piikko zei

Maria, thank you for your sweet words♥
Your prize is on it's way already:D
Warm regards, piikko

Diny zei

Gefeliciteerd Maria.
Leuk blog, ik zal wat vaker komen kijken.
Groetjes, Diny