donderdag 24 februari 2011

Look what arived today!!!!

 A package all the way from Finland, wrapped in nice pink paper.
 Inside i found this cute card.
 from  Piikko
When i opened the package, i found 5 smaller packages and a lot of chocolates.
 Ofcourse i first tryed a chocolate before i opened the little presents.
Mmmmm nice filling.
 Look how beautiful!! all handmade by Piikko and i am the lucky winner.
Piikoo 1000 times thank!
Mr. Bloem is now the new owner of these beautiful items, i am sure he will find a nice place for them.
Mr. Bloem says: THANK YOU and greetings too Piikko, Rauha & Ilona.

5 opmerkingen:

Lataina zei

Your picture is so funny....lol. Mr. Bloem looks very happy. =)

Patty zei

Maria, What a wonderful giveaway you have won!

Ana zei

Congratulations, it's all wonderful gifts, and delicious chocolates are sure ¡¡¡¡¡

kimsminiatures zei

Wo wonderful, Thanks so much for sharing pictures with us. Hugs~ Kim

Piikko zei

Maria, thanks for these nice pictures!
I'm happy that you like my works:D
Yes, and the chocolate.. almost made by me too.
Rauha and Ilona are sending their warm regards to Mr. Bloem♥ I'm sending warm greetings to you:D piikko