woensdag 14 juli 2010

Holliday Swap

Here is my swap gift for Karin.
I must confess , i send it a little too late
The unwrapping of the Holliday Swap's hosted by Caterina is pursponed till friday 16th,
so we all have to be a little more patience...
And my gift will arive in Canada still in time now.(i hope)
It was the first time for me to swap and i love it, even when it gave me a little stress to made everything in a time limit.
I feel so blessed with these group of lovely friends here in blogland.
Thank you all.

6 opmerkingen:

Karin F. zei

Oh I can hardly wait to see inside!!
I finally got around to seeing that wonderful 2 day walk-about we went on. I loved every minute of it!!
My stepfather lived in Holland for a while early in his life. He'd tell me about eating the herring raw ...but I'm with you & prefer mine pickled w. onions. Ooooh, now you have my mouth watering....
hugs Karin

PAKY zei

my gifts also delayed, as Caterina doesn't come until 16 I too will post later ... what will be, hehehe ... greetings

Minnie Kitchen zei

great works! glad I found your blog :)

Meli zei

Maria, my gift hasn't arrive yet to Brazil and I hope it will get there soon.

Karin F. zei

Ooooh, I love it already! Say, isn't it tomorrow in Holland yet???
LOL hugs Karin

maria zei

Karin-Hahaha,no it is still the 15th
The herring was raw with unions and pickels on the side, but there is also pickled herring in the stores,they sell it in jars.

Paky- We all have to be patience.

Minie Kitchen-Thanks, i am glad i found your blog too.

Meli- I am hoping with you.