zaterdag 10 juli 2010

Look what was in my mailbox today and last week!!

A beautifull wrapped present from Monica, my Holliday Swap Partner.
I have to be waith till 14 july to open it, thats the rule of Cockerina(the host of the Holliday swap).
That's very hard for me because i am very curious.

Another present came last week from Sonia.
So nice of her and well made.

Such a beautifull surprice.

Thank you Monica and Sonia.
You are both so kind and i am happy that you are my blogfriends.

3 opmerkingen:

Minnie Kitchen zei

that is beautiful!

PAKY zei

Is precious Sonia's gift... I want to be the 14th to open the gift of Caterina's swap too, jejejeje!

miniacollection zei

Gorgeous gifts from Sonia.