vrijdag 16 juli 2010

I am so spoiled

Today is finally the day that i am alowed to open my Holliday Swap gift from Monika.
Mmm what should be in it, i am so exited.
Let me show you the nice words she wrote .
Is it tunafishsalat lite?
No, look what was insite it....
A lot of wonderfull miniatures,

everything you need on a long walking trip.
A backpack, walking shoes, walking stick, a book of Saalburg, baquet, fruit on a plate, dessert, a napkin, a paper bag and a flower.
So very beautifull and handmade.
A close up from the backpack(or is it bagpack) and walking shoes.
So you can see the pattern in the leather she used.
Very beautifull front and....
a verybeutifull back too.
Look at this shoe
looks like i can walk all day in them.
The book of Saalburg has a lot of nice real pages in them.
You see what i mean?
There is also a mouthwatering baquet with egs and salat,
a sweet desert/cake and
fruit for the vitamines on a lovey green plate,with a green napkin.
Danke danke danke
Thank you very much sweet Monika.
I am so happy with your gifts!!!!
I love everything you made for me and i am feeling so spoiled.

11 opmerkingen:

Mari@ zei

You received a lot of beautiful gifts! Congratulations.

PAKY zei

Congratulations!! a wonderful gift, I like all!enjoy!

Merry Jingle zei

Fabulous things, I love that bagback :

Ascension zei

Enhorabuena por esos preciosos regalos de intercambio.
besitos ascension

Claudia zei

What a wonderful gift! I love that backpack and the walking shoes - what amazing detail. Congratulations!


Victoria zei

Congratulations! It's really nice! :))

xx Victoria

The digital bakery zei

Come to wish you a lovely summer!
The digital bakery will be closed during this time.
Wish you lot of happy times.

greetings from
the digital bakery girl

Debbie zei

Wonderful Swap gifts. The little shoes are so cute..xx

elis zei

Wonderful gift! I love the shoes! They qre very nice.

Sans! zei

They are wonderful!!!!! Truly a great swap ! :)

miniacollection zei

It is wonderful. I love the shoes and the bag. It is just perfect for a long walk in the mountains. I can easily imagine what you felt when you saw all these miniatures in the box.