donderdag 7 juli 2011

Day 3 of the corners/ filling the racks

 A couple of years ago a nice lady gave me her leftovers from quilting, now they come in handy.
 They all have diffrent colors and paterns.
 We have roughly measured how big the piles of fabric were to be.
Cut some carton in that size.
Folded and glued the fabric around the carton.( with Tacky Glue)
Than i printed some free prints from a blog i can not remember, sorry.
If you recognize your prints please let me know so i can put the name of your blog here.
We glued some paper inside to look like pages of the book.
That is all we did.
Not much this time, but we filled a couple of planks.
Both in our own way.
 This one is from my mother.

 and this one is mine.

We still need lots of stuf to make to fil up the shelves, but it begins to look oke.
See you next week with the rest of this project.
Meanwhile i am still working on my big house.
I will post the progress of that so you don't have to wait till next week for blogpost.
Bey for now.

4 opmerkingen:

Kathi zei

Your mother is very creative to see these toothbrush holders as shelves! Love what you have done with them. :D

maria zei

Dear Kathi,
Thanks and greetings from my mother.

cockerina zei

Hello! I published the list of participants at the "Holiday Swap, 2011." Get to know your partner!
if the translator is malfunctioning, please try to read the chain of names, in Italian, thanks!
kisses and have fun!

sylvia zei

Hoi Maria,
Dank je voor de complimenten op mijn blog.
Je schreef over je dakpannen dat het zo lang duurt omdat je ze vast moet houden tijdens het plakken.
Ik gebruik voor dat soort dingen altijd transparante montagekit.
Dat is wat steviger dan houtlijm en dingen blijven gewoon op hun plek zitten, zodat je niet een eeuwigheid ze vast moet houden.
Met zo een tube doe je heel lang en ik gebruik het ook ipv secondelijm voor kleinen dingetjes ( dan blijven mijn vingers niet aan elkaar plakken hi, hi)
Dus misschien is dit een idee,

Groetjes Sylvia