maandag 4 juli 2011

The day before yesterday was my birthday.

Some snacks for my birthday.
Mmmm Duth cheese with  mandarine, cucumber, pickels with salami and cheese with a green olive on top.
All is made by me from fimo with a real wooden spike laying on a glass bead that looks like a serving plate.

10 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

Beetje laat maar toch een welgemeende "Gelukkige verjaardag"
Wat ziet er dat allemaal ongelooflijk lekker en echt uit, knap gemaakt
groetjes Ingrid

Maria Ireland zei

Happy late Birthday I hope you had a lovely day :)The food is great. Hugs Maria

Rosamargarita zei

Feliz cumpleaños María! la charola con exquisiteces te quedó de lujo, precisamente como para celebración de cumpleaños.
Un abrazo

Christine zei

I hope you had a lovely birthday :)

M.Narbon zei

Feliz cumpleaños!!!
y que cumplas muchísimos mas!!!

Rachel zei

So fab i love it

Sans! zei

Happy belated birthday Maria :). Nice spread!

maria zei

Thanks girls!

cockerina zei

Oh! they look delicious! Many good wishes for your birthday, and sorry for the delay, I remembered that it was the day on July 10 ..
kisses, Caterina

Mona zei

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Congratulation.