donderdag 14 juli 2011

Day 3 of the corners/ making a desk

Making a desk from ....
 First take 3 little matchboxes who are the same size.
 Cut a them a little smaller.
 I made them 3 cm.
Measure the outside and the inside of the matchboxes.
 When you draw the line.
like this
 You can cut it with a scissor.
 Now you have 3 little drawers and 3 bigger drawers.
 The smal drawers, i glued together, side by side.
Then i put a piece of carton on top and on the bottom of these.
 To let dry the glue, i used clothespins.
 Then i glued the 3 bigger drawers on top of eachother (not on the photo).

 Then i saw two pieces of wood, one for the top and one for the side of the desk.
Take a piece of carton the same size of the side of the big drawers.
Glue it on.
 Give every thing a coat of blue paint.
 If it is painted the carton and the matchboxes and the wood look the same.
 My mother gave it an vanilla-cream color first and over that a coat of waterdowned green.
 Her desk is a little different then mine.
Not only the color but her drawers are on the other side and she has two drawers on top.
 And this is the result so far.
 My mother's corner in green....
 and mine in blue.
I also gave a little white wash to the paint, making it look a little more older and softer.
I did this by using a dry brush with a little bit of white paint.
 Now we have to fill the drawers.
My mother did knit a little doll during last week, to go in her corner.
Isn't it a cuteeeee!

That's all for now.
Hope you liked it.
greetings from my mum.

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Maria Ireland zei

Wow what a great idea. I love the desks. Thank you for the tutorial I will try this idea for sure.The doll is beautiful. Your Mom has great hands. say hi to her from me. :) Greetings Maria

M Carmen Casanova zei

Hola Maria, una gran idea con un gran resultado. Han quedado unos escritorios estupendos. Saludos a tu madre.

Cinderella Moments zei

That is so neat! Both corners are looking fabulous!!

Daydreamer zei

I LOVE seeing what you are both doing and how different the same thing can be! I think it is wonderful to be doing this side by side with your Mum! What a treasure these corners will be .... full of memories of making them together! And I think your matchbox desks are wonderful!

Holly Loves Art zei

Thank you for visiting my blog! I started off with just a dining room table for my creative space too! Then almost four years ago my dream came true of getting my own little studio. You will one day!

I loved seeing how you create your miniatures. They are really wonderful!

maria zei

Thanks girls for all the sweet comments.