zaterdag 23 juli 2011

Day 4 of the corners/ wooden beads and more

Oke, i let you wait for the results of last wednesday, because i had a litlle party.
Look here what we did.
My mother wanted her bureau a bit higher, because she had a gorgious sewing table she wanted to put in her corner.
She glued 6 wooden beads under it, now it has the good hight.

 This is the sewingtable, isn't it gorgious.
No she didn't made it, but she bought it at a car boot sale a while ago.
 The rug she made during last week.
It is knotted and then the dreads are cut smaller.
She also knitted this vest and skirt last week.
I love the buttons she used.

You can see my mother had more time.
She is not working anymore.
I did nothing last week, well not making miniatures, i did a lot but no time for making mini's.
I am so happy my mother comes on wednesday evening, so i have to make time for mini's.
I love our evenings together.

This is what i did with beads.
 I took 4 beads.
 I sawed a square to go on top and tadaaaa! I made a stool.
 Then i first painted the top bleu and crocheted acover for the top.

 I crocheted a granny square and when the square was as big as the top i crocheted in round.
Oke that was all folks.
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6 opmerkingen:

Maria Ireland zei

Great idea your Mom had with the beads. I also love your idea and the crochet cover is beautiful. Love the sewing table and the vest and skirt wow. Hugs Maria

carmen zei

me encanta el traje de punto...cuando tenga un hueco ( y agujas adecuadas) intentaré copiarlo, con tu permiso...tengo a mis chicas sin guardarropa..

Eliana zei

The sewing workshop is getting amazing!

Eva zei

Te esta quedando un cuarto de costura muy, muy bonito. La banqueta queda preciosa. Un saludo, Eva

Cinderella Moments zei

I love the dress and your little stool is precious. These little rooms are filling up!

Craftland zei

This top for the little chair ist beautiful. I love this idea. Hugs from Craftland